The Bowen Technique is a completely natural and holistic treatment. It is based on the theory that once total relaxation of the body has been achieved, the inner ability to heal by itself is activated.

Your body is the smartest machine.Take care of it, you don't have another!

For every body

Choose Bowen Technique to spoil your body one hour a week. Treat yourself with relaxation! Get it! You deserve it!

For Business

”I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people fluorish when they are praised” 

Sir Richard Branson

Founder Virgin Group

For Communities

Learning to understand the needs and motivations of others, especially those who live different from our own, is an important part of living a productive life.

Can Bowen help me?

The Bowen Technique frequently offers pain and emotional relief where other modalities have failed.

About me... Otilia Pipis

I’ve practiced sports even since I was a little child and this is how I’ve learned that exercise HELPS OUR BODY WORK AND GROW IN HARMONY. When the time came for me to make a career choice, I have decided to study THE STATE OF HEALTH AND DISEASE as well as how to HELP the people around me; thus I chose to attend the SANITARY HIGHSCOOL and then a 3-year post high school, also in NURSING.

Then, in order to make a combination of the two, I decided to continue my studies at the FACULTY OF PHISICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT, specialized in PHYSIOTHERAPY and then OCUPATIONAL THERAPY (advanced studies). After I had done my studies, don’t you imagine I could put all my theoretical knowledge into practice.  I’ve had a variety of experiences, each of them bringing a contribution to the person that I am today.

After a while, though, I’ve learnt that each individual has three aspects that must be maintained in perfect balance in order to remain healthy or to regain our health: our BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Meaning that, it is not enough to exercise and take pills if we do not make peace within ourselves ( we work in a hostile environment, we live in a hostile environment and we do it for money or because ”this is how it is done”).

After I had become a mother, my children have taught me that all of us have everything that we need in order to function properly within ourselves. I went on and, because I want to HELP MAINTAINING AND / OR REGAINING THE STATE OF HEALTH without causing additional suffering, I graduated the BOWEN ACADEMY from Australia and I have become a BOWEN THERAPY PRACTITIONER.

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